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Recently you may have been charged with DWI in North Carolina. You were likely given either a blood or, breath, which may have shown that your blood alcohol content (BAC) was over the legal limit. Under North Carolina DWI law, you may not test over .07%, which is to say 08% is considered Driving While Impaired. Some people thing, “The state has evidence against you, so you might as well save everyone time and energy by just pleading guilty. Then you can get on with your life, right?” Wrong! As experienced DWI defense attorney Bill Powers will explain to you, there can be substantial, effective defenses to a DWI charge. Even if the prosecution has evidence against you, it may be appropriate to challenge and scrutinize it. Make no mistake, DWI is a serious criminal charge and you need an experienced attorney like Bill Powers of the Law Offices of Powers McCartan to defend you.

So if you were recently arrested for DWI and you failed a blood, breath or urine test, remember to contact DWI defense attorney Bill Powers. He has experience handling BAC cases, and has in fact taught classes to lawyers on the subject.  For more information, please seek out Bill’s written materials “Blood, Breath & Beyond” as presented to the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, formally known as the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers. You can also fill out an online case form to connect with him today.

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